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 Corporate Social Responsibility

Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction to Reduce Consumption


The Group believes that corporate development should not come at the expense of the environment. Therefore, we have been adopting environmental-friendly practice in various aspects. For example, we invested in several energy-efficient facilities located in our IDCs, and have been adopting paperless working environment to reduce paper wastage. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we advocate the effective use of electricity and paper resources. In addition to posting tips on energy saving and paper saving, we have upgraded office hardware to include more energy-saving options, such as LED lighting. Due to the power consumption in IDCs, the energy consumption of Guangzhou Nowtop and Bluesea Mobile is relatively high. However, we have invested in a number of energy-efficient facilities to reduce the power consumption in IDCs and consequently reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Environmental Investment in IDCs

The Group owns two IDCs in Guangzhou. To reduce the electricity consumption in the IDCs, the Group invested in several energy-efficient facilities, we believe that it is not only investing our investments in IDCs are for business purpose, but also investing for a better environment in the future. Those energy-efficient facilities included an air-conditioning system, which could automatically adjust its speed according to the room temperature, and save over 15% of energy when comparing to the traditional air-conditioning system. A cooling tower with an efficient water pump for cooling hot computer components was also installed. Alike the air-conditioning system, the cooling tower could also automatically adjust its speed according to its usage. The commencement of usage of those facilities in February 2017 was a milestone of our energy-saving efforts. Looking ahead, we expect that these energy-efficient facilities will help to continue to reduce power consumption. With our efforts to promote environmental awareness among our employees, it is expected that our waste paper and total emissions of greenhouse gases will decrease in the coming years.


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