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 Corporate Social Responsibility


Green and low carbon is the only way for the sustainable development of society. The Neo Telemedia (the Group) has been committed to becoming a resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprise, making efforts to promote environmental protection. In the process of business development, the Group actively strengthens the role of technology energy saving in promoting energy saving and emission reduction, adheres to the energy saving design of green data center, reduces energy consumption, and realizes green energy saving and emission reduction.


Low Carbon Environmental Protection and Reduce Pollution

As climate change receives more and more attention around the world, we have implemented a number of environmental measures to reduce the carbon footprint caused by business operations. For the year ended 31 December 2017, there was no serious non-compliance with environmental laws and regulations.


Air Emissions

Air emissions, including nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides, are the key air pollutants in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta. At the same time, greenhouse gases lead to global warming, which not only causes climate change, but also threatens the ecosystems of the world. As a socially responsible company, we regard reducing greenhouse gas emissions as one of our tasks. The Group's business operation does not involve a large amount of gas and fuel consumption, so there is no significant exhaust emission source found in the course of its operation. Although the Group does not own or control any business leading to emissions of greenhouse gases directly, it is engaged in some emissions of greenhouse gases indirectly, including purchases of electricity, disposal of paper waste and business travel by air by its employees. In the financial year of 2017, the Group's total greenhouse gas emissions were approximately 7,264 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent. The Group's emissions are mainly indirect energy emissions, which account for more than 99% of the Group's total carbon dioxide emissions. Our total greenhouse gas emissions were approximately 10.86 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per employee.


Waste Management

The Group’s operations mainly comprise provision of telecommunication products and services and Internet finance platform services, which does not produce any hazardous waste, such as chemical wastes, clinical wastes and toxic chemicals. On the other hand, in order to reduce non-hazardous waste, the Group advocates repair and maintenance. With fewer and fewer suitable landfills and greater environmental impacts caused by waste disposal, waste reduction has become one of the Group's goals. Our only non-hazardous waste output in the financial year of 2017 was waste paper, which amounted to approximately 1,400 kg. Our total number of employees is 669, and the waste paper produced by each employee during the year was approximately 2.1 kg. We encourage our staff to use double-sided printing, and paper that was printed on one side was collected for reuse purpose. Through waste reduction initiatives, we are confident to reduce our paper waste in the coming years.


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