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Our History




Guangdong Bluesea Mobile Development Co.Ltd and its subsidiaries(collectively referred to as “Bluesea Mobile Group”) are principally engaged in the operation of big data related business . The group operating the business through Bluesea Mobile under the Structured Contracts which were duly executed.




The subsidiary of Neo Telemedia named Wei Hai Mobile Network Company Limited and Inspur Cloud Computing entered into the JV agreement,namely Guangdong Inspur Weihai Cloud Computing Company Company Limited in Foshan City,Guangdong Province to mainly engage in the application of cloud computing and e-commerce businesses. The company consider that the JV Company will enable the group to tap into the fast developing cloud computing and e-commerce business market in the PRC.  




Neo Telemedia entered into the Memorandum of Understanding with Beijing Shenzhou Aerospace Company Limited and Foshan Chancheng District Government in relation to the establishment of Gunagdong Shenzhou Aerospace Institute.




Guangdong Avatar Wealth Investment Management Company Limited,a 70% indirectly owned subsidiary of Neo Telemedia, through Bluesea Mobile, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company has officially commenced its internet finance business on 9 May 2015.




The subsidiary of Neo Telemedia entered into the MOU with Giant Crown(a company incorporated in Hong Kong with limited liability)in respect of the Possible Equity Transfer.




The JV Company named Zhongxin Lianrong, a subsidiary of Neo Telemedia is principally engaged in provision of internet financial services located in Qianhai,Shenzhen. The JV Company will enter the internet finance industry by providing consumer finance and further strive to develop in areas of big data finance, cloud finance, logistics finance and internet finance platform on which assets are securitized upon good control of risks of assets.




Neo Telemedia completed the acquisition of equity interest of the Million Ace Limited.The principal activity of Million Ace and its subsidiaries is trading of mobile phones and tablets..




Shenzhen Bees Financial Internet Financial Services Co Ltd. , which is a subsidiary company of the group, entered into a funds depository business cooperation agreement with Guangdong Huaxing Bank. Pursuant to the agreement, Guangdong Huaxing agreed to provide funds depository services to the clients from Bee’s internet finance platform. The parties also agreed to continue to cooperate in the areas of payment and settlement, client resources sharing, wealth management and other internet financial services.




The Department of Civil Affairs of Guangdong Province approved the registration of Guangdong Shenzhou Aerospace Manufacturing Technology Institute as a private non-enterprise entity, of which Bluesea Mobile, a subsidiary of the Group, is one of the organizers. The primary business scope of Shenzhou Aerospace Institute includes the technology research and development and promotion of manufacturing and intelligence manufacturing, software development and the service and consultation of enterprise information system integration.




Neo Telemedia was included in MSCI China Small-Cap Index.




Shenzhen Bees Financial Internet Financial Services Co. Ltd entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Taiping General Insurance Co. Ltd, pursuant to which Bees Financial and Taiping General Insurance shall cooperate in the sales of various kinds of insurance products within their respective business scope and joint development of exclusive products.







Bluesea Mobile, the People’s Government of Jiangmen Municipal, China Telecom Corporation Limited, together with Guangdong Branch and China Construction Bank Corporation Limited, Guangdong Branch) entered into a strategic cooperation framework agreement in respect of jointly development of Zhuxishugu(Cloud Computing Center) to further rigorous drive the joint development of information-based industry with core big data in Jiangmen City. The board is of the view that the entering into the Framework Agreement is of beneficial to the development internet data center business of the Group in Jiangmen City, and can bring to the Group development returns in the long term.  




Bluesea Mobile, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Neo Telemedia, and Allen Systems Group, Inc. has entered into a value-added reseller agreement, pursuant to which ASG has granted to Guangdong Bluesea a non-exclusive license for marketing and licensing the software products owned or distributed by ASG, including program documentation and any program updates, as well as providing support services in the market of Guangdong Province, China.  



Shenzhen Bees Financial Internet Financial Services Co. Ltd, an indirect 45% owned subsidiary of the Group, entered into the Weicaifu business cooperation agreement with Shanghai WeXFin Information Services Co. Ltd and Taiping General Insurance Co. Ltd. Ningbo Branch, pursuant to which the three parties shall cooperate in the Internet-based investment and wealthy management services, jointly provide quality and comprehensive financial services to their clients and drive leap-forward development for their respective business.




On 25 February 2016, Shenzhen Bees Financial Internet Financial Services Co. Ltd, an indirect 45% owned subsidiary of the Group, entered into a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the Guangzhou branch of China Telecom Corporation Limited, pursuant to which, Bees Financial and China Telecom Guangzhou Branch shall cooperate to drive the joint development of their business. Bees Financial and China Telecom Guangzhou Branch shall cooperate to enhance the planning and research of the Internet of Vehicles and to provide integrated solutions of related service requirements of the Internet of Vehicles.    




Neo Telemedia has completed the acquisition of the 60% equity interest in Guangzhou Nowtop Technology Company Limited. Guangzhou Nowtop is principally engaged in providing IDC services in PRC. As the date of the announcement, Guangzhou Nowtop was managing over 2,000 IDC server cabinets in various cities in the PRC, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.




Neo Telemedia has received The Listed Enterprise Excellence Awards 2016 — Excellent Performance Award from Capital Weekly under South China Media Group honouring its achievements in the past year. The award testified to the success of the Group’s long term development strategies and the wide industry recognition.




NEO TELEMEDIA (08167.HK) was included in the MSCI Hong Kong Small Cap Index.







The Group has recently made a successful bid for the acquisition of the land use rights of a parcel of land located at Heshan City, China for land use rights of state-owned construction land.The land parcel covers a site area of 78,020.34 square meters for construction. Bluesea Mobile shall use the land parcel for the construction of the “Bluesea Big Data Industrial Park” and develop the big data enterprise incubation platform through government guidance, market operation and policy support, converge quality resources by platformization, and jointly drive the development of big data industry in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.




Guangzhou Nowtop, a subsidiary company owned by the Group has been awarded the ‘2016 excellent IDC partner of the Panyu Guangzhou branch of China Telecom’ by the Guangzhou branch of China Telecom.




Neo Telemedia (08167.HK)  has entered into a non-legally-binding strategic cooperation memorandum of understanding with China Taiping Life Insurance (Hong Kong). Pursuant to the MOU, the Group’s subsidiaries, in accordance with the applicable laws, regulations and regulatory policies, carry out strategic cooperation with China Taiping Life Insurance (Hong Kong) in the fields of insurance intermediary services, sales of products and service innovation with the customer resources of the company. The board is of the view that the strategic cooperation will bring in new businesses to the company and emerge as a profits growth driver of the Group, which will benefit the Group and its shareholders in the long run.




The ‘Lotus Mountain IDC Center’, which is located in Panyu District of Guangzhou, is one of the invested IDC centers of the Group. It held a successful grand opening on the day. The opening ceremony of the ‘Lotus Mountain IDC Center signified that the Group has already been inching towards the milestone in the corporate strategy to provide the consumers a safe, economic, reliable data center and cloud commuting solutions.