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Corporate Social Responsibility – Contribute to Society through Technology


The Group constantly keeps in mind its corporate social responsibility as it operates and develops its businesses. Our aim in this regard is to promote the growth of society through innovations of Internet technologies. In order to solidify our position in the new era of big data, we have strengthened and closely integrated our technology team and gradually gained a sense of our obligation as a technology company. Corporate social responsibility has become an integral part of the Group’s core strategies and philosophies in our business operation.



Our corporate social responsibility is spearheaded by our initiatives in the following areas:



Green operations, energy conservation and emissions reduction


Green and low carbon footprint living is essential for the sustainable growth of society. The Group strives to be conscientious in conservation of resources as an environmentally-friendly company which contributes to promoting environmental protection. We endeavour to enhance energy conservation and emissions reduction through improving our technologies for energy saving as we develop our business. We also insist on adopting an energy-saving design in our [green]data center to lower energy consumption and realise energy conservation and emissions reduction in its operations.


Care for people and reap fruit of development


As an Internet technology corporation, our staff is a key driving force for the Group to achieve technological innovation. We advocate a culture of professionalism and inclusion. We are committed to maintaining harmonious relationships among our staff to enhance operational efficiency. We emphasize investing resources on the development of technical talent and engaging professionals from various sectors to form professional teams in all business lines with the aim to support continuous business development.


Drive innovation to benefit both society and the corporation


The development of big data has set directions for both new industry and entrepreneurship. The Group for its part strives to drive social development through big data. As for the growth of our big data business, we are cooperating with the Jiangmen Municipal Government to promote the Zhuxishugu project. Leveraging our extensive experience in big data deployment, we are providing incubation service for new SMEs and facilitating the development of a data transaction platform in order to offer services for the social enterprise sector.

Corporate Social Responsibility